Machinery Source is one of the Midwest’s largest resources for selling used CNC equipment. Our team of experienced professionals provides peace of mind to equipment owners that the sales process will be efficient and profitable.

Here are 5 tips to help you get top dollar:

  1. Clean the Machine – First impressions matter.  If your machine is covered in rust, dust, and gunk, it will not bring top dollar. A clean machine demonstrates that the equipment has been well cared for and maintained and will help it sell quickly.
  2. Be Realistic in Pricing – Things to consider when factoring in depreciated value are the age of the machine, usage (metals cut), desirability of the CNC control, and hours of use on the spindle. If you set an unrealistically high price at the beginning, your machine may sit unsold for months.  Be realistic from the beginning – our team can help you decide on an appropriate price that will best allow your machine to be sold quickly!
  3. Be Responsive – A used CNC machine buyer may be in need of a particular control, which compliments other CNC machines on their floor, or they need something quickly to fill a requirement/job they have. So if you’re selling, provide the information that has been requested as quickly as possible. Failure to do so could result in a lost sale.
  4. Provide Detailed Specifications – Buyers don’t generally buy used CNC machines based solely on the make and model number. Make sure all options and specifications are listed in the machine description.  Does it have coolant thru spindle, fourth axis, C-axis, conversational programming, IGF, probe? Does everything work? Is anything missing? Many times a buyer is under pressure to make a quick decision, and if an option is not listed on your machine, they will pass and continue searching elsewhere.
  5. Know Your History – Buyers want to know a machine’s history and the story behind the machine. The more information you can supply the better. Include hours of operation, metals cut, repair history and tolerances held whenever possible.

Call us today at 815-566-8331 to learn more about how Machinery Source can help you sell your used CNC equipment or simply send in your machine’s information using the form included below.

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