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About Excetek

The Company

Excetek focuses on development and innovation in electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment.  The company offers fully integrated service and a comprehensive range of products to suit a wide range of applications.

The company was the first company in the world to develop the largest EDM wirecut machines.  Excetek has technology partners in 36 countries around the world.


  • More than 15 awards
  • Wire cutting, die sinking, and hole drilling equipment
  • Global leader in EDM technology
  • Intensive focus on quality

Excetek Machines

  • Excetek NP500L Wire Cutting EDM

    Excetek NP500L

    Max Work Piece Size

    33.46 x 21.65 x 11.81 in

    Wire Diameter

    0.006- 0.012 in

    Max Work Piece Weight

    1,323 lbs

  • Excetek 1280 Wire Cutting EDM

    Excetek V1280

    Travel of Z Axis

    19.7 in

    Wire Diameter

    .008~.013 in

    Max Workpiece Size

    65 x 47.25 x 19.50 in

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