About Piranha

The Company

Piranha is the combination of three legendary brands dating back to the 1800's; Piranha, W.A. Whitney, and Bertsch.

  • Pirhana produces the Piranha Ironworker - long recognized as the metal fabrication industry's number-one brand.
  • Bertsch is the leader in the manufacture of innovative heavy-duty metal rolling equipment.
  • W.A. Whitney is a leader in the manufacture of laser, plasma, and plasma/punching combination technology for metal plate manufacturers.


  • Decades of experience.
  • Well-known brands with great reputations.
  • Unique metal fabrication applications.
  • Outstanding quality and service.

Piranha Machines

  • Piranha P-50 Ironworker

    Piranha P-50 Ironworker

    Throat Depth

    5 inch

    Open Height

    11.5 inch

    Closed Height w/o Die Block

    7.75 inch

  • Piranha C-Series Plasma Table

    Piranha C Series Plasma Tables

    Table Sizes

    4' x 4'
    4' x 8'
    5' x 10'

    Available Options

    Hypertherm® Powermax® Plasma System

    – Powermax 45®
    – Powermax 65®
    – Powermax 85®
    – Powermax 105®
    – Powermax 125® (With optional Water Table)

    Optional Tube Cutting Attachment

    Side mount with 2” – 11.5” diameter by corresponding table length (4’, 8’, 10’) cutting capacity, no additional torch required

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