Excetek ED3000C-2H

Excetek’s twin ram sinker EDM’s are manufactured for large part applications generating twice the productivity in the same floor space of single ram models.



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Max Workpiece Size

145.67 x 62.99 x 27.56 in

Max Workpiece Weight

35274 lbs

Travel (X/Y)

100.39 (50.20) x 15.75 in

Travel of Z Axis

23.62 in

Work Table

122.05 x 43.31 in

Max Electrode Weight

1102 lbs

Electrode Head to Work Table Distance

29.92~53.54 in

Outside Dimensions (Machine Body x Travel x Generator

255.9 x 181.5 x 145.7 in

Machine Weight

46297 lbs

Power Needed

220 v +5%, 3 Phase, 60 HZ

Total Power Required

17.04 A (6.5 KVA)

Air Needed

100 psi