Excetek HD600C

High Speed Drilling

– Excetek Small Hole EDM’s are high speed hole drilling machines for tough materials used in die, mold, aerospace, medical and fuel injection applications.

Simple User Interface

– Excetek’s range includes simple machines as well as full 5-axis motion with a very simple user interface.


– Excetek CNC Small Hole EDM’s can be equipped with Auto Electrode Changers (AEC) and Auto Guide Changers (AGC) and rotary tables for angles and compound angle applications.


Starting at $69,900


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Work table size (WxD)

27.55 x 15.75 in

X/Y axes travel

23.62 x 15.75 in

Z axis travel

15.75 in

W axis Travel

15.75 in

Electrode size

Ø 0.15 ~ Ø 3.0 mm

Maxi. electrode length

17.72 in

Maxi. workpiece height

15.75 in

Maxi. workpiece weight

2204 lbs

Machine weight

4850 lbs

Input power

10.50 A (4.0 KVA)

Machine dimension

85 x 82.6 x 101.4 in

Power Needed

220 v +5%, 3 Phase, 60 HZ

Power Capacity

10.5 A (4 KVA)

Air Needed

100 psi

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