Fuji CSD-300R Twin Spindle Lathe

TheCSD-300R Twin Spindle Lathe features live tools for the fastest part-to-part (takt time) in its class. These parallel twin spindle CNC lathes include both Z- and X-axis box way slides for heavy cutting, superior surface finish and longer tool life.

This series is equipped with Fuji-engineered hydraulic clamping gantry robot loaders to maintain tight tolerances.

  •  Reliable automated heavy parts loading – 200mm x 100mm
  •  (7.87 x 3.93 inch) and 5kg + 5kg capacity
  •  8″ – 10″ workholding
  •  Quick and accurate automated turning and handling of complex parts reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  •  Turret capable of achieving speed of 0.26 sec/index.
  •  Swivel control panel
  •  Rear or optional side positioned discharge chip conveyor
  •  Maintenance items are all conveniently located in one section of the machine

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Spindle Diameter

100 mm (3.94 inch)

Spindle Nose


Spindle Bore

56 mm (2.2 inch)

Spindle Speed - rpm

Max. 3630 (optional 4000)

Spindle Motor

11/15 kW (15/20 HP)

Slide stroke: X-axis

140 mm (5.5 inch)

Slide stroke: Z-axis (ram reverse)

200 mm (7.9 inch)

Total Tool Stations

10 + 10

Robot Controller


LIVE TOOL - max. Clamping Tool Dia.

16 mm

LIVE TOOL - No. Stations

10 Position

LIVE TOOL - Spindle Speed

Max. 4000 rpm

LIVE TOOL - Spindle Motor

2.7 kW (3.7 HP)

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