Hanwha STL32H Automatic Swiss Lathe

Turret-Type CNC Automatic Lathe

  • Adaptable for various tools – M8 rigid tapping and Y3-Axis that accommodates up to 40 tools
  • Improved performance – high-performance motor (23kW) and Siemens 840D
  • Improved durability – greater durability and safety with an enhanced slide cover structure and machining methods

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Siemens 840D

Max machining diameter

Ø32 mm

Main Spindle Max Speed

7,000 rpm

Main Spindle Motor Power

23 kW

Sub Spindle Max Speed

7,000 rpm

Cross Drill Max Speed

6,000 rpm

Cross Drill Motor Power

1.07 kW


4,400 kg

Machine Size (L x W x H)

2,800 x 2,150 x 1790

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