Hanwha XD03 Automatic Swiss Lathe

CNC Automatic Lathe for Ultra-Precision Machining

  • Tooling versatility – cutting-edge CNC automatic lathe
  • Ultra-precision machining – high precision maintained through the oil cooling system
  • Compact design – optimal space utilization and space productivity

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Hanwha Fanuc-i

Max machining diameter


Main Spindle Max Speed

16,000 rpm

Main Spindle Motor Power

1.1 / 1.5 kW

Sub Spindle Max Speed

16,000 rpm

Sub Spindle Motor Power

0.55 / 1.5 kW

Cross Drill Max Speed

9,000 rpm

Cross Drill Motor Power

0.35 kW


1,000 kg

Machine Size (L x W x H)

1,520 x 910 x 1,520

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