Hanwha XD12III High Precision Swiss Lathe

Optimized for high precision machining and high productivity

  • Enhanced main spindle and cross drill performance – high-performance motor with stronger torque and horsepower
  • Improved precision machining and minimized C/T – minimized non-productive time with a vertically aligned outer radius milling station and a 32i-B NC
  • Minimized vibration and thermal displacement – optimal mold casting and rib structure through finite element analysis

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Fanuc 32i-B

Max machining diameter

Ø12mm / Ø16mm

Main Spindle Max Speed

15,000 rpm

Main Spindle Motor Power

2.2 / 3.7 kW

Sub Spindle Max Speed

10,000 rpm

Sub Spindle Motor Power

0.55 / 1.5 kW

Cross Drill Max Speed

6,000 rpm (ER16) / 9,000 rpm (ER11)

Cross Drill Motor Power

1.0 kW


2,200 kg

Machine Size (L x W x H)

1,950 x 1,130 x 1,680

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