Hurco DCX42i – (CAT50, 6K, 50T)

Performance Bridge Mill

The DCX Series of CNC machining centers was created due to customer requests—customers who already knew the value of Hurco and needed larger machines for aerospace and energy parts. Our 2-meter and 3-meter VMCs are the biggest machine tools available with the powerful Hurco control.

Double Column Design Promotes Thermal Stability

When our customers requested a massive machining center that would accommodate the big parts their aerospace and energy customers were ordering, we knew the design and mechanical engineering was critical.
After reviewing various configurations, the Hurco engineering team opted for a double column design because they determined it would provide superior dynamic behavior and promote thermal stability compared to other options.  The large table capacity allows nearly any part you have to be machined.


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Distance b/w Columns

99.6 in

Power Rating/ Full Load KVA

165 KVA

X, Y, Z Travel

165.4 x 102.4 x 43.3 in

Spindle Nose to Table (Min-Max)

6.30 / 49.60 in

Table Size

157.5 x 82.7 in

Max Weight On Table

35,274 lbs

T-Slot Size

9 x 0.87 in

Peak Spindle Motor

80 hp @ 1,000 rpm


420 ft-lbs @ 1,000 rpm (555 Nm @ 458 rpm)

Number Of Tools


Tool Type


Max Tool Diameter

4.9 in

Max Tool Length

11.8 in (300 mm)

Max Tool Weight

33 lbs

Max Programmable Feedrate

394 inches/minute

Rapid Traverse X,Y,Z Axis

472 in/minute, 472 in/minute, 394 in/minute

Machine Height

196.3 in

Required Floor Space

485.3 x 264.4 in in

Machine Weight

112,215 lbs

Power Required

165 KVA


240 VAC

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