Hurco TM18Li Heavy Duty Lathe (18″ Chuck)

Large Lathes for Heavy Duty Cycles

The Hurco TM18i CNC slant-bed turning center is a heavy duty slant-bed lathe and is a prime example of customer-centric design.  Rigidity is absolutely critical for turning heavy parts—that’s why we evaluate each design decision to ensure it promotes rigidity, reliability, and longevity. The generous turning diameter and turning length allows a wide range of large and long part sizes. The rigid one-piece machine base casting is designed to yield excellent static and dynamic performance in addition to outstanding dampening properties that inhibit thermal deformation and twisting, providing a more rigid turning center than competitive models in its class.


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Distance Between Centers

83.9 in

Swing Over Bed Diameter

33.5 in

Swing Over Cross Slide Diameter

25.6 in

X, Z, W Axis Travel

17 x 80 x 80 in

Max. Turning Diameter

25 in

Max. Turning Length

79.4 in

Max Bar Capacity

6.48 in

Spindle Nose


Spindle Speed

Low Gear: 600 RPM / High Gear: 1,600 RPM

Spindle Power

73 HP

Peak Spindle Motor Torque

Low Gear / 1,781 ft-lbs @ 217 rpm
High Gear / 445 ft-lbs @ 870 rpm

Rapid Traverse X, Z Axis

787, 787 in/min

Rapid Traverse W- Axis

94.5 in/m

Tool Capacity

12 Stations

Tool Type

Slotted Disc

Turret Index Time-Adjacent

1.5 seconds

Machine Height

99.5 in

Required floor space

308 x 131.2 in in

Machine Weight

30,074 lb (13,670 kg)

Voltage Required

200-240 VAC 3 Phase

Power Rating

74 KVA (194.2 amps)

Air Requirements

5 CFM @ 80-100 psi

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