NomuraSwiss 25UB8

20\25UB8 comes standard with 5 OD turning stations, 4 non-rotating drilling positions which can be double tooled for back-working operations, 4 live spindles for cross drilling/milling, main and sub-spindle C-Axis.

For parallel processing the sub-spindle controlled by X2 and Z2 has 2 additional OD/ID positions plus 2 live spindles.

It can be synchronized with the main spindle.

A variety of options are available which include a face off center 3 positions drilling unit, guide bushless system (chucker kit) and long part guiding device.




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Max Stock Diameter

Ø 20 / 25mm

Tool Stations


Spindle Speed

10,000 rpm

Number of Axes


Axis Rapid Feed Rate

36 m/min

Spindle Power

2.2 / 3.7KW