NomuraSwiss 32YB3

32YB3 is a highly-flexible sub-spindle machine with 5 OD tools, 4 static front/back end working tools and 6 live cross drill/mill tools for the main spindle.

The back comes standard with 3 static end working tools, 2 OD tools and 2 live drill/mill tools.

Both the main and back spindles come standard with a .001 degree C-Axis.

A variety of options are available which include a front and back eccentric drill unit, and various combinations of turning and drill/mill units.

Max Stock Diameter

Ø 32 mm

Tool Stations


Spindle Speed

8,000 rpm

Number of Axes


Axis Rapid Feed Rate

25 m/min and 28 m/min

Spindle Power

3.7 / 5.5 KW