Piranha C Series Plasma Tables

Standard and High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter Tables

Piranha CNC plasma tables are affordable, and tough enough to handle anything you throw their way. Designed for top-notch cut quality, Piranha plasma tables are tough enough to run full production for years, yet nimble enough to cut intricate shapes with ease. This helps you decrease cost per part and avoid being at the mercy of supplier timelines.

Piranha’s latest Plasma Table line introduces an even more affordable plasma table. The Piranha B-Series Plasma Table is perfect for your hobby to light industrial cutting needs. This table retains a lot of the high end features found on the C-Series table and only is short some of the things you don’t need when looking at lighter duty cutting cycles.

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: An all-welded steel table top with bolt on legs. The B-Series Plasma table comes standard with a water table (not down-draft) and utilizes stepper motors on the X and Y axis.

AFFORDABLE: A solid, high quality machine at an affordable price for your Hobby to light industrial cutting needs.

CNC CONTROL: This fully integrated system is ready to take on any design or part you throw at it. With an extensive shape library, and LCD monitor – we will have you operating like a fabricator should.

DUAL SIDE DRIVE: With motors on both sides of the Y-axis, we give you maximum stability and the highest part quality.

BREAKAWAY TORCH MOUNTING: Your torch stays protected from inadvertent part tip-ups.

HYPERTHERM PRONEST LT 2019: All you’ll need to get the job done with DXF importing, editing, and an NC code generator.

MICROSTEP® PROGRAMMABLE TORCH HEIGHT CONTROL: Consistent programmable torch height control means you’re getting the perfect part every time.


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Table Sizes

4' x 4'
4' x 8'
5' x 10'

Available Options

Hypertherm® Powermax® Plasma System

– Powermax 45®
– Powermax 65®
– Powermax 85®
– Powermax 105®
– Powermax 125® (With optional Water Table)

Optional Tube Cutting Attachment

Side mount with 2” – 11.5” diameter by corresponding table length (4’, 8’, 10’) cutting capacity, no additional torch required

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