Piranha HD Series Plasma Tables

Standard and High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter Tables

Piranha CNC plasma tables are affordable, and tough enough to handle anything you throw their way. Designed for top-notch cut quality, Piranha plasma tables are tough enough to run full production for years, yet nimble enough to cut intricate shapes with ease. This helps you decrease cost per part and avoid being at the mercy of supplier timelines.

Piranha HD Plasma tables provide near LASER cut quality for a significantly lower investment than fiber LASER cutting.  That makes Piranha HD plasma tables an excellent value for precision cutting, at a cost lower than competing plasma cutters.

  • Welded frame – not bolt together
  • Hypertherm CNC controls with shape library and easy to use interface
  • Panasonic servo motors – high power for good contour definition and 800 IPM rapid speed
  • Dual side drives for better positioning accuracy
  • Zoned downdraft table with six zones for efficient fume extraction
  • Breakaway torch with sensors
  • Plasma systems ranging from Hypertherm Powermax 125 to XPR 300

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Table Sizes

5' x 10'

Available Options

Hypertherm® Plasma System

– Hypertherm Powermax 125
– Hypertherm MAXPRO200
– Hypertherm HPR130XD
– Hypertherm XPR170 Core or Optimix* Console
– Hypertherm XPR300 Core or Optimix* Console

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