Takumi U600

High Speed Machining and Outstanding Surface Finish

  • One-piece casting absorbs the thrust forces of high rapids and
    fast cutting feeds
  • One piece double-column design increases rigidity enabling
    higher cutting feeds while maintaining part finish
  • Ladder design of cross rails increases rigidity and eliminates
    head deflection
  • Roller type linear rails support faster feed rates, higher rigidity,
    and smoother linear motion due to larger contact area
    compared to ball-type linear rails


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25.98 x 40.16 x 19.69 in

Table Size

23.62 in diameter

Table Max Load

1,102 lbs

Spindle Speed

15,000 rpm Big Plus® inline direct-drive spindle

Motor Power

13.41/18.77 HP (10/14 kW)

Spindle Taper

Big Plus® CAT 40

Magazine Capacity

40 tools


1,417 in/minute (36 m/minute)

Machine Weight

30,864.72 lbs

Operating Dimensions

128.15 x 151.77 x 138.58 in

Pneumatic Pressure

85.34 psi (6 kgf/cm²)

Electrical Power Consumption

60 KVA

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