• The YCM GT-series high performance turning centers feature hardened and ground box slideways for heavy duty cutting yet still offers fast rapids and turret indexing. The base casting is very wide, providing more floor contact for greater cutting stability and vibration dampening.
  • The GT-series models range from the GT-200A with a 6” chuck to the GT-300B with a 12” chuck capacity.
  • The GT-series offers models with longer bed lengths “L” models, up-sized spindles “B” models, and live tool machines “M” models to address a broad range of applications.
  • The GT-series is a versatile family of machines that is perfect for job shops and production applications.

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Max Turning Length

26.89 inch

Max Turning Diameter

ø14.17 inch

Chuck Size

12 inch

Spindle Nose


Hole Through Spindle

ø4.13 inch

Hole Through Draw Bar

ø3.58 inch

Spindle Speed

3,000 rpm

C-Axis Speed

50 rpm

X-Axis Travel

10.83 inch

Z-Axis Travel

28.86 inch

X - axis Rapid Feedrate / Cutting Feedrate

787 / 0.04~393.7 ipm

Z - axis Rapid Feedrate / Cutting Feedrate

945 / 0.04~393.7 ipm

Main Spindle Motor

(L) 15/25 (H) 20/25

Turret Type

Servo Driven Turret (Hydraulic Clamping)

Turret Capacity (opt)

12 T

Live Tool Motor Speed

3,000 rpm

Live Tool Motor Torque

2.63 lb-ft

Swing Over Turret

ø25.59 inch

Quill Stroke

23.82 inch

Quill Taper


Machine Weight

15,322 lb