YCM TC46M/2300

  • The TC-46 series is a super heavy-duty, box slideway, 45-degree slant bed lathe designed for large turned part applications.
  • The standard TC-46 series features an A2-11 spindle with 4.6” bar capacity. The Big Bore “BB” models have an A2-15 spindle with 6.5” bar capacity.
  • TC-46 spindle speeds range from 2,000 RPM (18” Chuck) to 1,200 RPM (24” Chuck) depending on spindle size.
  • The TC-46 is available with bed lengths from 39.37” to 122.48” with fully programmable tailstocks.
  • All TC-46 models can be equipped with live tool turrets and C-axis spindle drive for secondary milling and drilling operations.
  • TC-46 models are available with a wide range of options that can be ordered such as: Collet Chucks, Tool Pre-Setters, Manual or Hydraulic Steady Rests, Bar Loaders, Live Tool Holders.

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Max Turning Length

87.05 inch

Max Turning Diameter

ø28.74 inch

Chuck Size


Spindle Nose


Hole Through Spindle

ø5.12 inch

Hole Through Draw Bar

ø4.61 inch

Spindle Speed

2,000 rpm

C-axis Speed

50 rpm

X-Axis Travel

16.34 inch

Z-Axis Travel

90.55 inch

X - axis Rapid Feedrate / Cutting Feedrate

630 / 0.04~393.7 ipm

Z - axis Rapid Feedrate / Cutting Feedrate

591 / 0.04~393.7 ipm

Main Spindle Motor

40 / 50 HP

Turret Type

Live Tooling Servo Turret (Hydraulic Clamping)

Turret Capacity


Live Tool Motor Speed

3,000 rpm

Live Tool Motor Torque

9.59 lb-ft

Swing Over Turret

ø35.04 inch

Quill Stroke

83.27 inch

Quill Taper


Machine Weight

31,526 lb